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DetailsSeyreklik Gudumlu
Odaklanmis SAR Goruntu
(Sparsity-driven Focused
SAR Image Formation)
Ozben Onhon, Müjdat
Most imaging systems are adversely affected by the
errors in the observation model One significant
example is encountered in synthetic aperture radar
(SAR) imaging Inexact measurement of the ...
Conference PaperIEEE Conference on Signal
Communications, and their
Applications, Diyarbakir,
Turkey, April 2010 (in
DetailsSESAM: A biometric person
identification system
using sensor fusion
U. Dieckmann, P.
Plankensteiner, T. Wagner
 PaperPattern Recognition
Letters 18 (1997) 827-833
DetailsSes Isaretinden Duygu
Hazim K Ekenel, H. Mesut
Meral, A. Sumru Özsoy
DetailsSerbest Şekilli
Nesnelerin Scara Robotun
Görme Tabanlı Denetimi
İle Manipülasyonu (in
A. Varol, U. Tümerdem,
M. Ünel
 Conference PaperTOK’05 Otomotik Kontrol
Ulusal Toplantısı
DetailsSequential Monte Carlo
Methods for Multi-Object
Martin Spengler Report  
DetailsSequential Monte Carlo
Methods - A Review
Arnaud Doucet Presentation  
DetailsSequential Monte Carlo
Fusion of Sound and
Vision for Speaker
J. Vermaak, M. Gangnet,
A. Blake, P. Perez
Video telephony could be considerably enhanced by
provision of a tracking system that allows freedom
of movement to the speaker while maintaining a
well framed image for transmission over ...
DetailsSeparating Reflections
from Images Using
Independent Components
Harry Farid, Edward H.
 PaperJournal of the Optical
Society of America, 16
(9) :2136-2145, 1999
DetailsSentetik aciklikli radar
ile goruntu
istatistiksel bir
yaklasim (in Turkish).
Müjdat Çetin and W.
Clem Karl
Bu çalışmada odaklanmış sentetik açıklıklı
radar (SAR) ile görüntü geriçatılması sorununa
bir en büyük sonsal dağılım (EBS) kestirimi
sorunu olarak yaklaşıyoruz ...
Conference PaperSIU99 - IEEE Conference
on Signal Processing and
its Applications
Adaptation of Motor
Imagery Based BCI Systems
Ismail Yılmaz, Sümeyra
Demir, Tolga Tasdizen,
Müjdat Çetin
One of the main problems in Brain Computer Interface
(BCI) systems is the non stationary behavior of
the electroencephalography (EEG) signals causing
problems in real time applications Another ...
Conference PaperSIU 20152015
DetailsSemi-Blind Sparse Channel
Estimation with Constant
Modulus Symbols
Müjdat Çetin and Brian
M. Sadler
We propose two methods for estimation of sparse
communication channels In the first method we
consider the problem of channel estimation based
on training symbols and formulate it as an ...
Conference PaperICASSP05 - IEEE
International Conference
on Acoustics, Speech, and
Signal Processing
DetailsSemi-Automatic Matching
of OCT and IVUS Images
For Image Fusion
O. Pauly, G. Unal, G.
Slabaugh, S. Carlier, T.
 Conference PaperSPIE Medical Imaging2008
DetailsSemi-Automatic Lymph Node
Segmentation in LN-MRI
Gozde Unal, Greg
Slabaugh, Andreas Ess,
Anthony Yezzi, Tong Fang,
Jason Tyan, Martin
Requardt, Robert Krieg,
Ravi Seethamraju, Mukesh
Harisinghani, Ralph
Accurate staging of nodal cancer still relies on
surgical exploration because many primary malignancies
spread via lymphatic dissemination The purpose
of this study was to utilize nanoparticle ...
Conference PaperThe Int. Society for
Magnetic Resonance in
Medicine 14th Scientific
DetailsSemi-Automatic Analysis
of Tumor Changes in
Response to Therapy
A. Hamamcı, G. Unal, K.
Karaman, K.K. Oğuz
In this study a semi automatic segmentation method
with minimum user interaction is developed which
is applied to the clinical monitoring of tumor treatment
Conference PaperEuropean Society for
Magnetic Resonance in
Medicine and Biology,
ESMRMB, 2009
DetailsSemi-Automatic 3-D
Segmentation of
Anatomical Structures of
Brain MRI Volumes Using
Graph Cuts
Huy-Nam Doan, Greg
Slabaugh, Gozde Unal,
Tong Fang
We present a semi automatic segmentation technique
of the anatomical structures of the brain cerebrum
cerebellum and brain stem The method uses graph
cuts segmentation with an anatomic ...
Conference PaperThe International
Conference on Image
Processing (ICIP) 2006
DetailsSemantic Structured
Language Models
H Erdogan, R Sarikaya, Y
Gao, M Picheny
In this study we propose two novel semantic language
modeling techniques for spoken dialog systems These
methods are called semantic concept based language
modeling and semantic structured ...
Conference PaperICSLP 20022002
DetailsSemantic Confidence
Measurement for Spoken
Dialog Systems
Sarikaya, R., Gao, Y.,
Picheny, M., Erdogan, H.
This paper proposes two methods to incorporate semantic
information into word and concept level confidence
measurement The first method uses tag and extension
probabilities obtained froma ...
Journal PaperIEEE Transactions on
Speech and Audio
DetailsSemantic Access of
Frontal Face Images: the
Aleix M. Martinez PaperProceedings of IEEE
Workshop on Content-Based
Access of Images and
Video Libraries, pp.
55-59, 2000.
DetailsSelective Visual
Attention Enables
Learning and Recognition
of Multiple Objects in
Cluttered Scenes
Dirk Walther, Ueli
Rutishauser, Christof
Koch, Pietro Perona
A key problem in learning representations of multiple
objects from unlabeled images is that it is a priori
impossible to tell which part of the image corresponds
to each individual object and ...
Journal PaperComputer Vision and Image
DetailsSegmenting and Tracking
the Left Ventricle by
Learning the Dynamics in
Cardiac Images
Walter Sun, Müjdat
Çetin, Ray Chan, Vivek
Reddy, Fred Holmvang,
Venkat Chandar, and Alan
S. Willsky
Having accurate left ventricle (LV) segmentations
across a cardiac cycle provides useful quantitative
(e g ejection fraction) and qualitative information
for diagnosis of certain heart conditions
Conference PaperInformation Processing in
Medical Imaging
DetailsSegmentation of the
Evolving Left Ventricle
by Learning the Dynamics
Walter Sun, Müjdat
Çetin, Ray Chan, and
Alan S. Willsky
We propose a method for recursive segmentation of
the left ventricle (LV) across a temporal sequence
of magnetic resonance (MR) images The approach
involves a technique for learning the LV ...
Conference PaperISBI2008 - IEEE
International Symposium
on Biomedical Imaging,
Paris, France, May 2008
Detailssegmentation of textured
images using gibbs random
haluk derin Journalcomputer vision,
graphics, and image
Detailssegmentation of textured
images and gestalt
organization using
spatial/spatial frequency
todd r. Reed, harry
The generic issue of clustering grouping is addressed
Recent research both in computer and human vision
suggests the use of joint spatial spatial frequency
(s sf) representations The ...
JournalIEEE transactions on
pattern analysis and
machine intelligence
DetailsSegmentation of Multiple
Brain Structures Using
Coupled Nonparametric
Shape Priors
Gokhan Uzunbas, Mujdat
Cetin, Gozde Unal, Aytul
Turkish title Çoklu Beyin Yapılarının Bağlaşık
Parametrik Olmayan Şekil Önbilgisi Kullanılarak
This ...
Conference PaperSIU 2008 - The IEEE 16th
Signal Processing,
Communication and
Applications Conference
(in Turkish)
DetailsSegmentation of
Anatomical Structures in
Brain MR Images Using
Atlases in FSL - A
Quantitative Approach
Octavian Soldea, Ahmet
Ekin, Diana F. Soldea,
Devrim Unay, Mujdat
Cetin, Aytul Ercil,
Mustafa Gokhan Uzunbas,
Zeynep Firat, Mutlu
Segmentation of brain structures from MR images
is crucial in understanding the disease progress
diagnosis and treatment monitoring Atlases showing
the expected locations of the structures
Conference PaperICPR20102010
DetailsSegmentation of 3D Range
Images Using Pyramidal
Data Structures
DetailsSegmentation and Target
Recognition of SAR
Imagery via Level-Set
Based Multi-Scale
G. Unal, H. Krim Conference PaperSPIE AeroSense Wavelet
Applications Conference,
Orlando, FL, 2001
Detailsseeded region growingrolf adams and leanne
We present here a new algorithm for segmentation
of intensity images which is robust rapid and
free of tuning parameters The method however
requires the input of a number of seeds either
JournalIEEE transactions on
pattern analysis and
machine intelligence
DetailsSecurity ViewsDr. Bill Hancock Journal PaperComputers & Security2001
DetailsSecure Sketch for
Biometric Templates
Qiming Li, Yagiz Sutcu,
and Nasir Memon
There have been active discussions on how to derive
a consistent cryptographic key from noisy data
such as biometric templates with the help of some
extra information called a sketch It is ...
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