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DetailsComputer Aided Puzzle
Assembly based on Shape
and Texture
M. S. SagirogluThe puzzle assembly has a great importance that
it can be applied many areas such as restoration
and reconstruction of archeological findings repairing
of broken objects solving jigsaw type ...
Thesis 2006
DetailsFacial Expression
Cemre ZorFace expression analysis and recognition has been
one of the fast developing areas due to its wide
range of application areas such as emotion
analysis biometrics image retrieval and
Thesis 2008
DetailsFeature Extraction and
Fusion Techniques for
Patch-Based face
Berkay TopcuFace recognition is one of the most addressed pattern
recognition problems in recent studies due to its
importance in security applications and human computer
interfaces After decades of research
Thesis 2009
DetailsA fast and Robust
Automatic Face Alignment
Li ZHANG, Haizhou AI,
Shuichiro TSUKIJI,
Shihong LAO
We present an automatic face alignment system whose
objective is to localize the facial feature points
in images Our system is robust against bad initialization
facial expression and pose ...
DetailsAutomatic Recognition of
Eye Blinking in
Spontaneously Occurring
Cohn JF, Xiao J, Moriyama
T, Ambadar Z, Kanade T.
Previous research in automatic facial expression
recognition has been limited to recognition of gross
expression categories (e g joy or anger) in posed
facial behavior under well controlled ...
Conference Paper 2003
Synthetic Aperture Radar
Müjdat ÇetinRemotely sensed images have already attained an
important role in a wide spectrum of tasks ranging
from weather forecasting to battlefield reconnaissance
One of the most promising remote sensing ...
PhD Thesis 2001
DetailsMultimodal Human-Computer
Interaction: A Survey
Alex Jaimes and Nicu Sebe Survey 2005
DetailsComprehensive Database
for Facial Expression
Takeo Kanade, Jeffrey F.
Cohn and Yingli Tian
Within the past decade significant effort has occurred
in developing methods of facial expression analysis
Because most investigators have used relatively
limited data sets the ...
DetailsGörsel Geri Beslemeli
(in Turkish)
Görsel Geri Beslemeli
 Conference Paper 2007
DetailsProbabilistic Inference
in Human Sensorimotor
Konrad P. Kording, Daniel
M. Wolpert
When we learn a new motor skill we have to contend
with both the variability inherent in our sensors
and the task The sensory uncertainty can be reduced
by using information about the ...
Paper 2003
DetailsA Minutiae-based
Fingerprint Individuality
Jiansheng Chen, Yiu-Sang
Fingerprint individuality study deals with the crucial
problem of the discriminative power of fingerprints
for recognizing people In this paper we present
a novel fingerprint individuality ...
Conference Paper 2007
DetailsEnhancing security and
privacy in
authentication systems
N. Ratha, J. Connell, and
R. Bolle
Because biometrics based authentication offers
several advantages over other authentication methods
there has been a significant surge in the use
of biometrics for user authentication in ...
Technical Report 2001
DetailsOffline Signature
Verification Using Online
Handwriting Registration
Yu Qiao, Jianzhuang Liu,
Xiaoou Tang
This paper proposes a novel framework for offline
signature verification Different from previous
methods our approach makes use of online handwriting
instead of handwritten images for ...
Conference Paper 2007
DetailsAnonymous and Revocable
Fingerprint Recognition
Faisal Farooq, Ruud M.
Bolle, Tsai-Yang Jea and
Nalini Ratha
Biometric identication has numerous advantages
over conventional ID and password systems however
the lack of anonymity and revocability of biometric
templates is of concern Several methods ...
Conference Paper 2007
DetailsSecure Biometric
Templates from
Fingerprint-Face Features
Yagiz Sutcu, Qiming Li,
Nasir Memon
Since biometric data cannot be easily replaced or
revoked it is important that biometric templates
used in biometric applications should be constructed
and stored in a secure way such that ...
Conference Paper  
DetailsBiometric Authentication
the Impact of Wolves in
Sheep's Clothing
Lucas Ballard, Fabian
Monrose, Daniel Lopresti
Biometric security is a topic of rapidly growing
importance especially as it applies to user authentication
and key generation In this paper we describe
our initial steps towards developing ...
DetailsThe Effectiveness of
Generative Attacks on an
Online Handwriting
Daniel P. Lopresti and
Jarret D. Raim
The traditional approach to evaluating the performance
of a behavioral biometric such as handwriting or
speech is to conduct a study involving human subjects
(nave and or skilled \forgers")
DetailsEvaluating the Security
of Handwriting Biometrics
Lucas Ballard, Daniel
Lopresti, Fabian Monrose
Ongoing interest in biometric security has resulted
in much work on systems that exploit the individuality
of human behavior In this paper we study the
use of handwritten passphrases in the ...
DetailsSecure Sketch for
Biometric Templates
Qiming Li, Yagiz Sutcu,
and Nasir Memon
There have been active discussions on how to derive
a consistent cryptographic key from noisy data
such as biometric templates with the help of some
extra information called a sketch It is ...
DetailsIzaydas kati atik duzenli
depolama alanindan
kaynaklanan btex
belirlenmesi (in Turkish)
Fatih TAŞPINAR, Emrecan
Ülkemizde düzenli depolama ile katı atık yönetimi
en yaygın metot olarak kullanılmaktadır Her
ne kadar depolama sırasında ve sonrasında kullanılan
mühendislik yöntemleri ...
Thesis 2008
DetailsStatistical Facial
Feature Extraction and
Lip Segmentation
Mustafa Berkay YilmazFacial features such as lip corners eye corners
and nose tip are critical points in a human face
Robust extraction of such facial feature locations
is an important problem which is used in a ...
Thesis 2009
DetailsFast Algorithms for
Smooth and Monotone
Covariance Matrix
Aycan Adrian CorumIn this thesis the problem of interest is within
the setting of financial risk man agement covariance
matrix estimation from limited number of high dimensional
independent identically ...
Thesis 2012
DetailsProbabilistic Graphical
Models for Brain Computer
Jaime Delgado SaaBrain computer interfaces (BCI) are systems that
aim to establish a new communication path for subjects
who suffer from motor disabilities allowing interaction
with the environment through ...
Thesis 2014
DetailsDesign and Analysis of a
Interface-based Robotic
Rehabilitation System
Ela KoyasIn this thesis we have investigated the effect
of brain computer interfaces (BCI) which enable
direct communication between a brain and a computer
to increase the patient's active involvement to
Thesis 2014
DetailsDictionary Learning and
Low-rank Sparse Matrix
Decomposition for
Sparsity-driven SAR Image
Abdurrahim SoganliSynthetic aperture radar (SAR) is one of the most
widely used remote sensing modalities providing
images for a variety of applications including those
in defense environmental science and ...
Thesis 2014
Classification from 3D
Data via Generic and
Symbolic Models
Michael Pechuk, Octavian
Soldea, Ehud Rivlin
We propose a novel scheme for function based classification
of objects in 3D images The classification process
calls for constructing a generic multi level hierarchical
description of object ...
Conference Paper The Twentieth National
Conference on Artificial
Intelligence (AAAI-05),
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
USA, pp. 950-955, July
9-13, 2005
DetailsGlobal Curvature Analysis
and Segmentation of
Volumetric Data Sets
Using Trivariate B-spline
Octavian Soldea, Gershon
Elber, Ehud Rivlin
This paper presents a method to globally segment
volumetric images into regions that contain convex
or concave (elliptic) iso surfaces planar or cylindrical
(parabolic) iso surfaces and ...
Conference Paper Geometric Modeling and
Processing 2004
(GMP2004), Beijing,
China, pp. 217-226, 13-15
April, 2004
DetailsVisual Coding and
Tracking of Speech
Related Facial Motions
Lionel Reveret and Irfan
We present a new method for video based coding of
facial motions inherent with speaking We propose
a set of four Facial Speech Parameters (FSP) jaw
opening lip rounding lip closure and lip ...
Workshop Paper In Proceedings of
Workshop on Cues in
Communication, held in
Conjunction with IEEE
CVPR 2001
DetailsAn Information-Theoretic
Detector Based Scheme for
Registration of Speckled
Medical Images
Zhe Wang, Greg Slabaugh,
Gozde Unal, Mengchu Zhou,
Tong Fang
Several studies dealt with medical ultrasound registration
Their similarity metrics relied on pixel to pixel
intensity comparisons Hence they are not well
suited to the case of speckled images
Conference Paper International Conference
on Systems, Man, and
Cybernetics (SMC)
DetailsFeature compression: A
framework for multi-view
multi-person tracking in
visual sensor networks
Serhan Cosar, Müjdat
Visual sensor networks (VSNs) consist of image sensors
embedded processors and wireless transceivers which
are powered by batteries Since the energy and bandwidth
resources are limited setting
Journal Paper Journal of Visual
Communication and Image
Representation, vol. 25,
no. 5, pp. 864-873, July
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