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DetailsObject Recognition using
the Invariant
J. Matas, J. Burianek, J.
A new object recognition method the Invariant Pixel
Set Signature (IPSS) is introduced Objects are
represented with a probability density on the space
of invariants computed from measurements ...
Conference PaperBMVC20002000
DetailsProbabilistic Object
Recognition and
Bernt Schiele, Alex
The appearance of objects consists of regions of
local structure as well as dependencies between
these regions The local structure can be characterized
by a vector of local features measured by ...
Conference PaperICCV'991999
DetailsEvaluating Colour-Based
Object Recognition
Algorithms Using the
SOIL-47 Database
D. Koubaroulis, J. Matas,
J. Kittler
In this paper a new image set called the Surrey
Object Image Library (SOIL 47) is introduced on
which the performance of two colour based object
recognition methods is evaluated The data was
Conference PaperACCV2002: The 5th Asian
Conference on Computer
DetailsAutomated Drowsiness
Detection For Improved
Driving Safety
Esra Vural, Müjdat
Çetin, Aytül Erçil,
Gwen Littlewort, Marian
Bartlett, and Javier
 Conference PaperInternational Conference
on Automotive
Technologies, Istanbul,
Turkey, November 2008
DetailsSuper-resolution source
localization through
Dmitry M. Malioutov,
Müjdat Çetin, John W.
Fisher III, and Alan S.
 Conference PaperAdaptive Sensor Array
Processing Workshop,
Lexington, Massachusetts,
March 2002
DetailsA Group Sparsity-Driven
Approach to 3-D Action
Serhan Coşar, Müjdat
In this paper a novel 3 D action recognition method
based on sparse representation is presented Silhouette
images from multiple cameras are combined to obtain
motion history volumes (MHVs) ...
Conference PaperIEEE International
Conference on Computer
Vision, Workshop on
Visual Surveillance,
November 2011
DetailsHücresel Otomaton
Tabanlı Beyin Tümörü
Bölütleme Sistemi ve
Uygulamaları (in
Andaç Hamamcı, Gözde
Ünal, Nadir Küçük,
Kutlay Karaman, Kayıhan
AMAÇ Beyin tümörlerinin MR görüntülerinde
hassas olarak bölütlenmesi gerek radyoterapi
planlamada uzman yükünü azaltmakta ve gerekse
tümör evriminin takibinde sunduğu detaylı ...
Conference PaperTurkish MR Society
Conference, Türk MR
Derneği Konferansı,
19-21 May 2011
DetailsVessel tractography using
an intensity based tensor
Suheyla Cetin, Gozde
Unal, Ali Demir, Anthony
Joseph Yezzi, Muzaff er
In this paper we propose a novel tubular structure
segmentation method which is based on an intensity
based tensor that fits to a vessel Our model is
initialized with a single seed point and it
Conference PaperMICCAI2001, CVII20112011
DetailsA Sobolev-type Metric for
Polar Active Contours
M. Baust, A.J. Yezzi, G.
Unal, N. Navab
Polar object representations have proven to be a
powerful shape model for many medical as well as
other computer vision applications such as interactive
image segmentation or tracking Inspired
Conference PaperIEEE Conf. on Computer
Vision and Pattern
Recognition, CVPR 2011
DetailsDesigning Mobile Phones
using Silent Speech Input
and Auditory Feedback
Kamer Ali Yuksel, Sinan
Buyukbas, Serdar Hasan
In this work we have propose a novel design for
a basic mobile phone which is focused on the essence
of mobile communication and connectivity based
on a silent speech interface and auditory ...
Conference PaperMHCI2011, MobileHCI2011 -
International Conference
on Human-Computer
Interaction with Mobile
Devices and Services
(MobileHCI) 2011
DetailsPrototyping Input
Controller for Touch-less
Interaction with
Ubiquitous Environments
Kamer Ali Yuksel, Serdar
Hasan Adali
In ubiquitous computing environments the information
processing is integrated into everyday objects that
are ideally small inexpensive and wirelessly networked
devices Contemporary human ...
Conference PaperMHCI2011, MobileHCI2011 -
International Conference
on Human-Computer
Interaction with Mobile
Devices and Services
(MobileHCI) 2011
DetailsUsing Image Morphing for
Memory-Efficient Impostor
Rendering on GPU
Kamer Ali Yuksel, Aytul
Ercil, Alp Yucebilgin,
Selim Balcisoy
Real time rendering of large animated crowds consisting
thousands of virtual humans is important for several
applications including simulations games and interactive
walkthroughs but cannot be ...
Conference PaperCW2011 - International
Conference on Cyberworlds
(Cyberworlds) 2011
DetailsAugmenting Conversations
through Context-Aware
Multimedia Retrieval
based on Speech
Kamer Ali Yuksel, Aytul
Ercil, Murat Celik
Cansoy, Selim Balcisoy
Future’s environments will be sensitive and responsive
to the presence of people to support them
carrying out their everyday life activities
tasks and rituals in an easy and natural
Conference PaperHCIR2011 Human-Computer
Interaction and
Information Retrieval
(HCIR) 2011
DetailsParallel Evolutionary
Optimization of Digital
Sound Synthesis
Batuhan Bozkurt, Kamer
Ali Yuksel
In this research we propose a novel parallelizable
architecture for the optimization of various sound
synthesis parameters The architecture employs genetic
algorithms to match the parameters of ...
Conference PaperEvoStar2011 - The main
European Events on
Evolutionary Computation
(EvoStar) 2011
DetailsAir Drums: A Computer
Vision Based Drum
Kaan C. Fidan, Ihsan
Kehribar, M. Tugce Sahin,
Serhan Cosar, Devrim Unay
The aim of this paper is to present a novel system
which tracks the motion of a drummer and generates
the corresponding drum sounds Only a camera some
colored markers and an everyday PC are used
Conference PaperCSW 2010 - Computer
Science Student Workshop
DetailsSegmentation of
Anatomical Structures in
Brain MR Images Using
Atlases in FSL - A
Quantitative Approach
Octavian Soldea, Ahmet
Ekin, Diana F. Soldea,
Devrim Unay, Mujdat
Cetin, Aytul Ercil,
Mustafa Gokhan Uzunbas,
Zeynep Firat, Mutlu
Segmentation of brain structures from MR images
is crucial in understanding the disease progress
diagnosis and treatment monitoring Atlases showing
the expected locations of the structures
Conference PaperICPR20102010
DetailsMoments of Elliptic
Fourier Descriptors
Octavian Soldea, Mustafa
Unel, Aytul Ercil
This paper develops a recursive method for computing
moments of 2D objects described by elliptic Fourier
descriptors (EFD) Green’s theorem is utilized
to transform 2D surface integrals into 1D ...
Conference PaperICPR20102010
DetailsOptimization for
automated assembly of
Mahmut Samil Sagıroglu,
Aytül Erçil
The puzzle assembly problem has many application
areas such as restoration and reconstruction of
archeological findings repairing of broken objects
solving jigsaw type puzzles molecular docking
Conference Paper20th EURO Mini Conference2008
DetailsA Nonquadratic
Regularization Based
Image Reconstruction
Technique for SAR Data
with Phase Errors
Ozben Onhon, Müjdat
One of the fundamental problems in Synthetic Aperture
Radar (SAR) imaging is phase errors Phase errors
occur when the time required for the transmitted
signal from SAR to the target and back ...
Conference PaperIEEE Conference on Signal
Communications, and their
Applications, Antalya,
Turkey, April 2009 (in
DetailsNew Algebraic Invariants
of Implicit Polynomials
for 3D Object Recognition
B. Borhan, A. ErcilIn this paper we present a method for deriving
the rotation invariants of 2nd and 4th degree implicit
polynomials and we build a system for 3D object
recognition using the derived invariants
Conference Paper7th International
Conference on Pattern
Recognition and Image
DetailsThe DRIVE-SAFE Project:
Signal Processing and
Advanced Information
Technologies for
Improving Driving
Prudence and Accidents
Aytül Erçil, Levent
Güvenç, Hüseyin Abut,
Engin Erzin, Ali Güvenç
In this paper we will talk about the Drivesafe
project whose aim is creating conditions for prudent
driving on highways and roadways with the purposes
of reducing accidents caused by driver ...
Conference PaperICAT 2006, Hangzhou,
DetailsAn Efficient Monte Carlo
Approach for Optimizing
Communication Constrained
Decentralized Estimation
Murat Üney, Müjdat
We consider the design problem of a decentralized
estimation network under communication constraints
The underlying low capacity links are modeled by
introducing a directed acyclic graph where ...
Conference Paper17th EUSIPCO. EURASIP,
Aug. 2009
DetailsAn Efficient Monte Carlo
Approach for Optimizing
Decentralized Estimation
Networks Constrained by
Undirected Topologies
Murat Üney and Müjdat
We consider a decentralized estimation network subject
to communication constraints such that nearby platforms
can communicate with each other through low capacity
links rendering an undirected ...
Conference PaperWorkshop on Statistical
Signal Processing (SSP)
2009. IEEE, Aug. 2009
Random-Field Estimation
Under Communication
Murat Üney and Müjdat
Tukish title İletişim Kısıtları Altında Dağıtık
Rasgele Alan Kestirimi English title Decentralized
Random Field Estimation Under Communication Constraints
note received the 2^nd place ...
Conference PaperThe 17th Conference on
Signal Processing,
Communications, and their
Applications, SIU 2009
(in Turkish)
DetailsUpper Facial Action Unit
Cemre Zor, Terry WindeattThis paper concentrates on the comparisons of systems
that are used for the recognition of expressions
generated by six upper face action units (AUs) by
using Facial Action Coding System (FACS) ...
Conference PaperICB09 - International
Conference on Biometrics
DetailsBağımsız Bileşenler
Analizi ile Otomatik
Kumaş Kalite Kontrolu
(in Turkish)
Osman Gökhan Sezer,
Ayşın Ertüzün, Aytül
 Conference PaperProceedings of SIU 20042004
DetailsVideo Dizilerinden
Çoğul-Biyometrik Kimlik
Doğrulama (in Turkish)
H.K. Ekenel, S.Y. Bilgin,
İ. Eden, M. Kirişçi,
H. Erdoğan, A. Erçil
 Conference PaperProceedings of SIU 20042004
DetailsÜç Boyutlu Nesne
Tanıma İçin Örtük
Çokterimlilerin Yeni
Kullanımı (in Turkish)
Burak Borhan, Aytül
 Conference PaperProceedings of SIU 20042004
DetailsÜç Katmanli Süzgeç
Öbekleri ile Plaka
Çikarma Islemi (in
Serkan Demir, Hamit
Henrik Eryılmaz , Aytül
 Conference PaperProceedings of SIU 20042004
DetailsMIDAS, A Multimedia
Database for
Archeological Sites
Ediz Saykol, Yucel Saygin
and Aytul Ercil
 Conference PaperProceedings of
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