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DetailsComparison of Different
Methodologies in
Segmentation of Lymph
Nodes following the
Administration of
R. Seethamraju, G. Unal,
L. Grady, T. Moeller et
 Conference Paper92nd Scientific Annual
Meeting of Radiological
Society of North America
(RSNA) 2006
DetailsDrowsy driver detection
through facial movement
Vural, E., Cetin, M.,
Ercil, A., Littlewort,
G., Bartlett, M., and
Movellan, J.
The advance of computing technology has provided
the means for building intelligent vehicle systems
Drowsy driver detection system is one of the potential
applications of intelligent vehicle ...
Conference PaperICCV HCI 2007 - ICCV
Workshop on Human
Computer Interaction
DetailsPearling: 3D Interactive
Extraction of Tubular
Structures from
Volumetric Images
Jarek Rossignac, Brian
Whited, Greg Slabaugh,
Tong Fang, Gozde Unal
 Conference PaperInteraction in Medical
Image Analysis and
DetailsVariational Guidewire
Tracking Using Phase
Greg Slabaugh, Koon Kong,
Gozde Unal, Tong Fang
We present a novel method to track a guidewire in
cardiac x ray video Using variational calculus
we derive differential equations that deform a
spline subject to intrinsic and extrinsic forces
Conference PaperInternational Conference
on Medical Image
Computing and Computer
Assisted Intervention
(MICCAI), 2007
DetailsAn Information-Theoretic
Detector Based Scheme for
Registration of Speckled
Medical Images
Zhe Wang, Greg Slabaugh,
Gozde Unal, Mengchu Zhou,
Tong Fang
Several studies dealt with medical ultrasound registration
Their similarity metrics relied on pixel to pixel
intensity comparisons Hence they are not well
suited to the case of speckled images
Conference Paper International Conference
on Systems, Man, and
Cybernetics (SMC)
DetailsA Variational Approach to
the Evolution of Radial
Basis Functions for Image
Greg Slabaugh, H. Quynh
Dinh, Gozde Unal
In this paper we derive differential equations for
evolving radial basis functions (RBFs) to solve
segmentation problems The differential equations
result from applying variational calculus to ...
Conference PaperThe International
Conference on Computer
Vision and Pattern
Recognition (CVPR)
DetailsRegistration of
Ultrasound Images using
an Information-Theoretic
Feature Detector
Zhe Wang, Greg Slabaugh,
Gozde Unal, Tong Fang
In this paper we present a new method for ultrasound
image registration For each image to be registered
our method first applies an ultrasound specific
information theoretic feature detector ...
Conference PaperIEEE International
Symposium on Biomedical
Imaging (ISBI)
Segmentation via
Decorrelation and
Statistical Region-Based
Active Contours
Greg Slabaugh, Gozde
Unal, Tong Fang, Michael
Segmentation of ultrasound images is often a very
challenging task due to speckle noise that contaminates
the image It is well known that speckle noise exhibits
an asymmetric distribution as well
Conference PaperThe International
Conference on Computer
Vision and Pattern
Recognition (CVPR), Vol.
1, 2006, pp. 45 - 53
Feature Detection in
Ultrasound Images
Greg Slabaugh, Gozde
Unal, Ti-Chiun Chang
The detection of image features is an essential
component of medical image processing and has wideranging
applications including adaptive filtering segmentation
and registration In this paper
Conference PaperIEEE 2006 International
Conference of the
Engineering in Medicine
and Biology Society
(EMBS) 2006
DetailsInteracting Active
Rectangles for Estimation
of Intervertebral Disk
Amer Abufadel, Greg
Slabaugh, Gozde Unal, Li
Zhang, Ben Odry
This paper presents a fast and efficient method
to determine intervertebral disk orientation in
a magnetic resonance (MR) image of the spine The
algorithm originates from active contour theory
Conference PaperInternational Conference
on Pattern Recognition
(ICPR), Vol. 1, 2006, pp.
1013 - 1016
DetailsEfficient and Robust
Segmentations Based on
Eikonal and Diffusion
Bertrand Peny, Gozde
Unal, Greg Slabaugh, Tong
Fang, Chris Alvino
In this paper we present efficient and simple image
segmentations based on the solution of two separate
Eikonal equations each originating from a different
region Distance functions from the ...
Conference PaperThe International
Workshop on Intelligent
Computing in Pattern
Analysis/Synthesis 2006,
pp. 339-348
Automatic, and Fast
Registration of 3D Ear
Impression Models
Alexander Zouhar, Tong
Fang, Gozde Unal, Hui
Xie, Greg Slabaugh and
Fred McBagonluri
We present a registration framework based on feature
points of anatomical 3D shapes represented in the
point cloud domain Anatomical information is utilized
throughout the complete registration ...
Conference PaperThird International
Symposium on 3D Data
Processing, Visualization
and Transmission (3DPVT)
DetailsSemi-Automatic Lymph Node
Segmentation in LN-MRI
Gozde Unal, Greg
Slabaugh, Andreas Ess,
Anthony Yezzi, Tong Fang,
Jason Tyan, Martin
Requardt, Robert Krieg,
Ravi Seethamraju, Mukesh
Harisinghani, Ralph
Accurate staging of nodal cancer still relies on
surgical exploration because many primary malignancies
spread via lymphatic dissemination The purpose
of this study was to utilize nanoparticle ...
Conference PaperThe Int. Society for
Magnetic Resonance in
Medicine 14th Scientific
DetailsSemi-Automatic 3-D
Segmentation of
Anatomical Structures of
Brain MRI Volumes Using
Graph Cuts
Huy-Nam Doan, Greg
Slabaugh, Gozde Unal,
Tong Fang
We present a semi automatic segmentation technique
of the anatomical structures of the brain cerebrum
cerebellum and brain stem The method uses graph
cuts segmentation with an anatomic ...
Conference PaperThe International
Conference on Image
Processing (ICIP) 2006
DetailsGraph Cut Segmentation
Using an Elliptical Shape
Greg Slabaugh, Gozde UnalWe present a graph cuts based image segmentation
technique that incorporates an elliptical shape
prior Inclusion of this shape constraint restricts
the solution space of the segmentation result ...
Conference PaperThe International
Conference on Image
Processing (ICIP) 2005
DetailsActive Polyhedron:
Surface Evolution Theory
Applied to Deformable
Greg Slabaugh, Gozde UnalThis paper presents a novel 3D deformable surface
that we call an active polyhedron Rooted in surface
evolution theory an active polyhedron is a polyhedral
surface whose vertices deform to ...
Conference PaperThe International
Conference on Computer
Vision and Pattern
Recognition (CVPR), Vol.
2, 2005, pp. 84 - 91
DetailsCoupled PDEs for
Non-Rigid Registration
and Segmentation
Gozde Unal, Greg SlabaughIn this paper we present coupled partial differential
equations (PDEs) for the problem of joint segmentation
and registration The registration component of
the method estimates a deformation ...
Conference PaperThe International
Conference on Computer
Vision and Pattern
Recognition (CVPR), Vol.
2, 2005, pp. 168 - 175
DetailsA Contour-Based Approach
to 3D Text Labeling on
Triangulated Surfaces
Greg Slabaugh, Viorel
Mihalef, Gozde Unal
This paper presents a simple and efficient method
of forming a 3D text label on a 3D triangulated
surface The label is formed by projecting the 2D
contours that define the text silhouette onto
Conference PaperThe 5th International
Conference on 3-D Digital
Imaging and Modeling
(3DIM) 2005, pp. 416 -
DetailsInverse Halftoning Using
Projection onto Convex
G. Bozkurt Unal, E. Cetin Conference PaperProceedings of the IEEE
Conf. On Acoustics,
Speech and Signal
Processing, Phoenix, AR,
DetailsFusion of Intravascular
Ultrasound and Optical
Coherence Tomography
Images Through
G. Unal, S. Lankton, S.
Carlier, G. Slabaugh, T.
 Conference PaperMICCAI International
Workshop on Computer
Vision for Intravascular
and Intracardiac Imaging,
DetailsDizilim Problemine
Dokusal Tabanlı bir
yaklaşım - A Texture
Based Approach to
Assembly Problem (in
M. Ş. Sağıroğlu, A.
the puzzle assembly has a great impoertance that
it can be applied many areas such as restoration
and reconstruction of acheological findings repairing
of broken objects solving jigsaw type ...
Conference PaperSIU 20052005
DetailsDokudaki düzenlilik ve
yönlülük öğeleri ile
bağımsız bileşenler
modelinin algısal
ilişkisi ve bunu
kullanarak doku hata
sezimi (in Turkish)
O.G. Sezer, A. Ertüzün,
A. Erçil
Perceptual relation of regularity and anisotropy
in the texture with independent components model
and using this for defect detection
Özetçe Bu makale tekstil kumaşlarında ...
Conference PaperSIU 20052005
DetailsTekstil kumaş
imgelerinde dalgacık
dönüşümleri ve
bağımsız bileşen
analizi ile hata denetimi
(in Turkish)
A. Serdaroğlu, A.
Ertüzün, A. Erçil
Textile Fabric Defect Detection with Wavelet and
Independent Component Analysis
In this work a new model that combines
the concepts of wavelet transformation and ...
Conference PaperSIU 20052005
DetailsDesign and Implementation
of a Multimedia
Integrated Database of
Archeological Sites on a
Web Service Platform
E. Saykol, Y. Saygın, A.
Cultural heritage has been gaining more importance
in the recent years in combination with sophisticated
yet effective computer vision techniques As a consequence
archaeological data both in ...
Conference PaperVAST 20042004
DetailsDestek Vektör Makinesi
Kullanarak Bağımsız
Bileşen Tabanlı 3B
Nesne Tanıma (in
O.G. Sezer, A. Erçil, M.
Independent Component Based 3D Object Recognition
Using Support Vector Machines
Özetçe Bu makalede zaman ve belleğin
bileşimsel (kombinezon) patlaması ...
Conference PaperSIU 20052005
DetailsFace Recognition with
Independent Component
based Super-resolution
O.G. Sezer, Y.
Altunbaşak, A. Erçil
Performance of current face recognition algorithms
reduces significantly when they are applied to low
resolution face images To handle this problem
super resolution techniques can be applied ...
Conference PaperProceedings of Visual
Communications and Image
Processing, VCIP 2006
DetailsSparsity-driven Image
Formation and
Space-variant Focusing
for SAR
Ozben Onhon, Müjdat
In synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging the presence
of moving targets in the scene causes phase errors
in the SAR data and subsequently defocusing in the
formed image The defocusing caused by
Conference PaperIEEE International
Conference on Image
Processing, Brussels,
Belgium, September 2011
DetailsMagiWrite: Towards
Touchless Digit Entry
Using 3D Space Around
Mobile Devices
Hamed Ketabdar, Mehran
Roshandel, Kamer Ali
In this work we present a new approach for text
(mainly digit) entry based on digit shaped gestures
created in 3D space around a mobile device Some
new mobile devices such as Apple iPhone 3GS
Conference PaperMobileHCI’10, September
7-10, 2010, Lisboa,
Portugal. ACM
DetailsTowards Digital Music
Performance for Mobile
Devices Based on Magnetic
Kamer Ali Yüksel, Hamed
Ketabdar, Mehran
Abstract— Digital music performance require
high degree of interaction using natural intuitive
input controllers that provide fast feedback on
user’s action One of the primary ...
Conference PaperIEEE International
Symposium on Haptic Audio
Visual Environments and
Games, Arizona State
University, USA, October
16-17, 2010
DetailsMagiMusic: Using Embedded
Compass (Magnetic) Sensor
for Touch-less Gesture
Based Interaction with
Digital Music Instruments
in Mobile Devices
Kamer Ali YükselPlaying musical instruments such as chordophones
percussions and keyboard types accompany with harmonic
interaction of player's hand with the instruments
In this work we present a novel ...
Conference PaperThe Fifth International
Conference on Tangible,
Embedded and Embodied
Interaction, Madeira,
Portugal, January 23-26,
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