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DetailsStructural Descriptions
and inexact Matching
Linda G. Shapiro, Robert
M. Haralick
 JournalIEEE transactions on
pattern analysis and
machine intelligence
Detailsstochastic relaxation,
gibbs distributions, and
the bayesian restoration
of images
stuart geman and donald
 JournalIEEE transactions on
pattern analysis and
machine intelligence
DetailsStochastic relaxation
methods for Image
restoration and expert
Stuart Geman ChapterAutomated Image Analysis:
Theory and experiments /
New York: Academic Press
DetailsStochastic Differential
Equations and Geometric
Gozde Unal, Hamid Krim,
Anthony Yezzi
In recent years curve evolution applied to a single
contour or to the level sets of an image via partial
differential equations has emerged as an important
tool in image processing and ...
DetailsStochastic Boundary
Estimation and Object
D. B. Cooper, H. Elliott,
F. Cohen, L. Reiss, and
P. Symosek
 JournalImage modeling 
DetailsStochastic boundary
estimation and object
david B. Cooper, h.
Elliott, f. Cohen,
l.reiss, and p. Symosek
 Journalcomputer graphics and
image processing
DetailsStochastic Approximations
to Curve Evolution
A. Yezzi, D. Nain, G.
Unal, A. Tannenbaum, O.
 Book ChapterMathematical Models of
Computer Vision: The
DetailsStereo visionunknown Tutorialunknown 
DetailsStereo Visionunknown Tutorialunknown 
DetailsStereo Gesture
Recognition Application
unknown Tutorialunknown 
DetailsStereo based 3D Head Pose
Tracking using the Scale
Invariant Feature
Batu Akan, Mujdat Cetin,
Aytul Ercil
Turkish title Olcekten Bagimsiz Oznitelik Donusumu
Kullanarak Stereo Kamera ile Uc Boyutlu Kafa Takibi

In this paper a new ...
Conference PaperSIU 2008 - The IEEE 16th
Signal Processing,
Communication and
Applications Conference
(in Turkish)
DetailsStereo based 3d Head Pose
Tracking using the Scale
Invariant Feature
Batu AkanIn this thesis a new stereo based 3D head tracking
technique based on scale invariant feature transform
(SIFT) features that is robust to illumination
changes is proposed Also two major ...
ThesisSabanci University
Research Database
DetailsStent implant follow-up
in intravascular optical
coherence tomography
G. Unal, S. Gurmeric,
S.G. Carlier
The objectives of this article are (i) to utilize
computer methods in detection of stent struts imaged
in vivo by optical coherence tomography (OCT) during
percutaneous coronary interventions ...
Journal PaperThe International Journal
of Cardiovascular
Imaging, Published online
first, DOI:
DetailsStatistical Shape
Influence in Geodesic
Active Contours
Michael E. Leventon, W.
Eric L. Grimson, Olivier
A novel method of incorporating shape information
into the image segmentation process is presented
We introduce a representation for deformable shapes
and define a probability distribution over
Conference Paper2000 IEEE Computer
Society Conference on
Computer Vision and
Pattern Recognition
(CVPR'00) - Volume 1
p. 1316
DetailsStatistical Region-Based
Segmentation of
Ultrasound Images
Greg Slabaugh, Gozde
Unal, Micheal Wels, Tong
Fang, Bimba Rao
Segmentation of ultrasound images is a challenging
problem due to speckle which corrupts the image
and can result in weak or missing image boundaries
poor signal to noise ratio and diminished ...
Journal PaperUltrasound in Medicine
and Biology [ISSN:
0301-5629], Vol. 35, No.
5, pp. 781–795, 2009
DetailsStatistical Pattern
Recognition: A Review
Anil K. Jain, Robert P.W.
Duin, Jianchang Mao
The primary goal of pattern recognition is supervised
or unsupervised classification Among the various
frameworks in which pattern recognition has been
traditionally formulated the statistical ...
Paper 1999
DetailsStatistical pattern
recognition with neural
networks: benchmarking
Teuvo Kohonen, György
Barna, Ronald Chrisley
Successful recognition of natural signals e g
speech recognition requires substantial statistical
pattern recognition capabilities This is at odds
with the fact that the bulk of work on ...
Conference PaperIEEE International
Conference on Neural
Networks, 1988
DetailsStatistical Optimization
for 3-D Reconstruction
from a Single View
Kenichi Kanatani,
Yasuyuki Sugaya
 Conference PaperMVA2005 IAPR Conference
on Machine Vision
DetailsStatistical methods to
compare the texture
features of machined
K. Venkat Ramana, B.
Texture studies play a paramount role in many image
processing applications In this paper an attempt
is made to study the textural features of machined
surfaces (grinding milling and shaping) ...
Journalpattern recognition 
DetailsStatistical Learning and
Optimization Methods in
Data Mining
G.-W. Weber, P. Taylan,
S. Ozogur, B.
The notion of data mining is one of the modern ciphers
of interdisciplinary research which employs the
applied mathematical and computational statistics
It deals with the outcomes of experiments ...
Book Chapterto appear in the book of
the Turkish Association
of Statiticians at the
Occasion of
"Graduate Summer
School On New Advances in
DetailsStatistical Image
Reconstruction Methods
for Simultaneous
Emission/Transmission PET
H. Erdogan and J.A.
Transmission scans are necessary for estimating
the attenuation correction factors (ACFs) to yield
quantitatively accurate PET emission images To
reduce the total scan time postinjection ...
Conference PaperProc. IEEE Nuc. Sci.
Symp. Med. Im. Conf.
DetailsStatistical Facial
Feature Extraction and
Lip Segmentation
Mustafa Berkay YilmazFacial features such as lip corners eye corners
and nose tip are critical points in a human face
Robust extraction of such facial feature locations
is an important problem which is used in a ...
Thesis 2009
DetailsStatistical Color Models
with Application to Skin
Michael J. Jones and
James M. Rehg
 Journal Paperunknown 
Detailsstatistical approaches to
feature-based object
william m. WellsThis paper examines statistical approaches to model
based object recognition Evidence is presented
indicating that in some domains normal (Gaussian)
distributions are more accurate than ...
Journalinternational journal of
computer vision
DetailsStandardized evaluation
methodology and reference
database for evaluating
IVUS image segmentation
Balocco S, Gatta C,
Ciompi F, Wahle A, Radeva
P, Carlier S, Unal G,
Sanidas E, Mauri J,
Carillo X, Kovarnik T,
Wang CW, Chen HC,
Exarchos TP, Fotiadis DI,
Destrempes F, Cloutier G,
Pujol O, Alberti M,
Mendizabal-Ruiz EG,
Rivera M, Aksoy T, Downe
RW, Kakadiaris IA.
This paper describes an evaluation framework that
allows a standardized and quantitative comparison
of IVUS lumen and media segmentation algorithms
This framework has been introduced at the ...
Journal PaperComput Med Imaging Graph.
2014 Mar;38(2):70-90
DetailsStandardized evaluation
framework for evaluating
coronary artery stenosis
detection, stenosis
quantification and lumen
segmentation algorithms
in computed tomography
H.A. Kirisli, M. Schaap,
C.T. Metz, A.S.
Dharampal, W.B. Meijboom,
S.L. Papadopoulou, A.
Dedic, K. Nieman, M.A. de
Graaf, M.F.L. Meijs, M.J.
Cramer, A. Broersen, S.
Cetin, A. Eslami, L.
Flórez-Valencia, K.L.
Lor, B. Matuszewski, I.
Melki, B. Mohr, I.
Öksüz, R. Shahzad, C.
Wang, P.H. Kitslaar, G.
Unal, A. Katouzian, M.
Orkisz, C.M. Chen, F.
Precioso, L. Najman, S.
Masood, D. Ünay, L. van
Vliet, R. Moreno, R.
Goldenberg, E. Vuçini,
G.P. Krestin, W.J.
Niessen, T. van Walsum
Though conventional coronary angiography (CCA) has
been the standard of reference for diagnosing coronary
artery disease in the past decades computed tomography
angiography (CTA) has rapidly ...
Journal PaperMedical Image Analysis 17
(2013) 859–876
DetailsSTACKED GENERALIZATIONDavid H. Wolpert Paper  
DetailsStable Algebraic Surfaces
for 3D Object
T. Sahin, M. UnelLinear fitting techniques by implicit algebraic
models usually suffer from global stability problems
Ridge regression regularization can be used to
improve the stability of algebraic surface ...
Journal PaperJournal of Mathematical
Imaging and Vision
DetailsSpeech Recognition for a
Travel Reservation System
H ErdoganIn this paper we present our work on speech recognition
for a spoken dialog system for automatic travel
reservations The system can receive speech input
from an analog line or from IP telephony ...
Conference PaperIC-AI 20012001
DetailsSpeech Recognition and
Antonio J. Robio Ayuso,
Juan M. Lopez Soler
 JournalNATO ASI Series 
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