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DetailsCombining Kalman
Filtering and Mean Shift
for Real Time Eye
Tracking Under Active IR
Zhiwei Zhu, Qiang Ji,
Kikuo Fujimura, Kuangchih
Most eye trackers based on active IR illumination
require distinctive bright pupil effect to work
well In this paper we present a new real time
eye tracking methodology that works under variable
Conference Paper16th International
Conference on Pattern
Recognition, 2002
DetailsActive facial tracking
for fatigue detection
Haisong Gu, Qiang Ji,
Zhiwei Zhu
The vision based driver fatigue detection is one
of the most prospective commercial applications
of facial expression recognition technology The
facial feature tracking is the primary technique
Conference PaperIEEE Workshop on
Applications of Computer
Vision, 2002
DetailsVariational relevance
vector machines
Christopher M. Bishop,
Michael E. Tipping
The Support Vector Machine (SVM) of Vapnik has become
widely established as one of the leading approaches
to pattern recognition and machine learning It
expresses predictions in terms of a linear ...
Conference PaperProceedings of the 16th
Conference on Uncertainty
in Artificial
DetailsThe Relevance Vector
M. E. TippingThe support vector machine (SVM) is a state of the
art technique for regression and classification
combining excellent generalisation properties with
a sparse kernel representation However it ...
Conference PaperAdvances in Neural
Information Processing
Systems 12
DetailsThe Bayesian Backfitting
Relevance Vector Machine
Aaron D'Souza, Sethu
Vijayakumar, Stefan
Traditional non parametric statistical learning
techniques are oftencomputationally attractive
but lack the same generalization and modelselection
abilities as state of the art Bayesian ...
Conference PaperProceedings of the 21 st
International Conference
on Machine Learning
DetailsBayesian extension to the
language model for ad hoc
information retrieval
Hugo Zaragoza, Djoerd
Hiemstra, Mike Tipping
We propose a Bayesian extension to the ad hoc Language
Model Many smoothed estimators used for the multinomial
query model in ad hoc Language Models (including
Laplace and Bayes smoothing) are ...
Conference PaperProceedings of the 26th
International ACM SIGIR
DetailsA variational approach to
robust Bayesian
M.E. Tipping, N.D.
We detail a Bayesian interpolation procedure for
linear in the parameter models which combines both
effective complexity control and robustness to outliers
Robustness is obtained by adopting a ...
Conference PaperProceedings of the IEEE
International Workshop on
Neural Networks for
Signal Processing
DetailsFast marginal likelihood
maximisation for sparse
Bayesian models
Michael E. Tipping, Anita
The `sparse Bayesian' modelling approach as exemplified
by the `relevance vector machine' enables sparse
classification and regression functions to be obtained
by linearly weighting a small ...
Conference PaperProceedings of the Ninth
International Workshop on
Artificial Intelligence
and Statistics
DetailsBayesian image
M.E. Tipping, C.M. BishopThe extraction of a single high quality image from
a set of low resolution images is an important problem
which arises in fields such as remote sensing surveillance
medical imaging and the ...
Conference PaperAdvances in Neural
Information Processing
Systems 15
DetailsAnalysis of sparse
Bayesian learning
Anita Faul, Michael E.
The recent introduction of the `relevance vector
machine' has effectively demonstrated how sparsity
may be obtained in generalised linear models within
a Bayesian framework Using a particular ...
Conference PaperAdvances in Neural
Information Processing
Systems 14
DetailsA variational approach to
robust regression
Anita Faul, Michael E.
We consider the problem of regression estimation
within a Bayesian framework for models linear in
the parameters and where the target variables are
contaminated by `outliers' We introduce an ...
Conference PaperProceedings of ICANN'01 
DetailsA kernel approach for
vector quantization with
guaranteed distortion
Tipping, M. E. and B.
We propose a kernel method for vector quantization
and clustering Our approach allows a priori specification
of the maximally allowed distortion and it automatically
finds a sufficient ...
Conference PaperArtificial Intelligence
and Statistics 2001
DetailsSparse kernel principal
component analysis
Michael E. Tipping`Kernel' principal component analysis (PCA) is an
elegant nonlinear generalisation of the popular
linear data analysis method where a kernel function
implicitly defines a nonlinear transformation ...
Conference PaperAdvances in Neural
Information Processing
Systems 13
DetailsDeriving cluster analytic
distance functions from
Gaussian mixture models
Michael E. TippingThe reliable detection of clusters in datasets of
non trivial dimensionality is notoriously difficult
Clustering algorithms are generally driven by some
distance function (usually Euclidean) ...
Conference PaperProceedings of the Ninth
International Conference
on Artificial Neural
Networks (ICANN99)
visualisation of
high-dimensional binary
Michael E. TippingWe present a probabilistic latent variable framework
for data visualisation a key feature of which is
its applicability to binary and categorical data
types for which few established methods ...
Conference PaperAdvances in Neural
Information Processing
Systems 11
DetailsHierarchical models for
data visualization
Michael E. Tipping,
Christopher M. Bishop
Visualization has proven to be a powerful and widely
applicable tool for the analysis and interpretation
of data Most visualization algorithms aim to find
a projection from the data space down to
Conference PaperProceedings of the IEE
Fifth International
Conference on Artificial
Neural Networks
DetailsNeuroscale: Novel
topographic feature
extraction with radial
basis function networks
David Lowe, Michael E.
Dimension reducing feature extraction neural network
techniques which also preserve neighbourhood relationships
in data have traditionally been the exclusive domain
of Kohonen self organising maps
Conference PaperAdvances in Neural
Information Processing
Systems 9
DetailsA novel neural network
technique for exploratory
data analysis
David Lowe, Michael E.
This paper surveys the context of feature extraction
by neural network approaches and compares and contrasts
their behaviour as prospective data visualisation
tools in a real world problem We ...
Conference PaperProceedings of ICANN '95 
DetailsProbabilistic kernel
regression models
T. S. Jaakkola, D.
We introduce a class of flexible conditional probability
models and techniques for classification regression
problems Many existing methods such as generalized
linear models and support vector ...
Conference PaperProceedings of the 1999
Conference on AI and
DetailsEye-Tracking for
Detection of Driver
Eriksson M.,
Papanikotopoulos, M.
In this paper we describe a system that locates
and tracks the eyes of a driver The purpose of
such a system is to perform detection of driver
fatigue By mounting a small camera inside the car
Conference PaperIEEE Conference on
Transportation Systems
DetailsCapturing Subtle Facial
Motions in 3D Face
Zhen Wen, Thomas S. HuangFacial motions produce not only facial feature points
motions but also subtle appearance changes such
as wrinkles and shading changes These subtle changes
are important yet difficult issues for ...
Conference PaperNinth IEEE International
Conference on Computer
DetailsFacial Expression
Hongcheng Wang, Narendra
In this paper we propose a novel approach for facial
expression decomposition Higher Order Singular
Value Decomposition (HOSVD) a natural generalization
of matrix SVD We learn the ...
Conference PaperICCV 20032003
DetailsManifold of Facial
Ya Chang, Changbo Hu,
Matthew Turk
In this paper we propose the concept of Manifold
of Facial Expression based on the observation that
images of a subject’ s facial expressions
define a smooth manifold in the high ...
Conference PaperICCV 20032003
DetailsMulti-modal Person
Recognition for Vehicular
H. Erdoğan, A. Erçil,
H. K. Ekenel, S. Y.
Bilgin, İ. Eden, M.
Kirisçi and H. Abut
In this paper we present biometric person recognition
experiments in a real world car environment using
speech face and driving signals We have performed
experiments on a subset of the in car ...
Conference PaperLecture Notes in Computer
DetailsSanal Referans
Kullanılarak Bir Grup
Mobil Robotun
Koordinasyonu (in
N. Güleç, M. ÜnelBu bildiride düzlemsel şekilleri hizalamak için
iki noktada teğetlerden (bitangent) faydalanan
görsel geri beslemeli kon trol stratejileri sunulmuştur
Bitangentları elde etmek için ...
Conference PaperTOK’05 Otomotik Kontrol
Ulusal Toplantısı
DetailsGörsel Geri Besleme Ve
Kayma Kipli Gözlemciler
Kullanarak Hareket
Kestirimi (in Turkish)
B. Yılmaz, M. Ünel, A.
 Conference PaperTOK’05 Otomotik Kontrol
Ulusal Toplantısı
DetailsSerbest Şekilli
Nesnelerin Scara Robotun
Görme Tabanlı Denetimi
İle Manipülasyonu (in
A. Varol, U. Tümerdem,
M. Ünel
 Conference PaperTOK’05 Otomotik Kontrol
Ulusal Toplantısı
DetailsShape-driven Segmentation
of Intravascular
Ultrasound Images
Gozde Unal, Susann
Bucher, Stephane Carlier,
Greg Slabaugh, Tong Fang,
Kaoru Tanaka
Segmentation of arterial wall boundaries from intravascu
lar images is an important problem for many applications
in study of plaque characteristics mechanical properties
of the arterial wall
Conference PaperThe First International
Workshop on Computer
Vision for Intravascular
Imaging (CVII), held in
conjunction with MICCAI
DetailsEfficient Classification
of Scanned Media using
Spatial Statistics
Gozde Unal, Gaurav
Sharma, Reiner Eschbach
We address the automatic classification of scanned
input media in order to improve color calibration
Since scanner responses vary significantly according
to the type of input a media dependent ...
Conference PaperInternational Conference
on Image Processing,
2004. ICIP '04. 2004
DetailsPrecise Volumetric
Estimation of
Nano-Particle Enhanced
Lymph Nodes using
R. Seethamraju, A.
Katkar, G. Unal, L.
Grady, T. Moeller, M.
Braschi, C. Schultz, M.
Requardt, R. Weissleder,
M. Harisinghani
 Conference PaperFifth Annual Meeting of
the Society for Molecular
Imaging, 2006
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