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Details3L Fitting of Higher
Degree Implicit
Z. Lei, M. M. Blane, D.
B. Cooper
DetailsTraining Set Reduction
Methods for Protein
Secondary Structure
Prediction in
Single-Sequence Condition
Zafer Aydin, Yucel
Altunbasak, Isa Kemal
Pakatci, Hakan Erdogan
Orphan proteins are characterized by the lack of
significant sequence similarity to database proteins
To infer the functional properties of the orphans
more elaborate techniques that utilize ...
Conference PaperProc. of the 29th Annual
International Conference
of the IEEE EMBS
DetailsFace Recognition Based on

Zhao Jiali, Wen Jinwei,
Zeng Yufeng and Luo Siwei
Feature Detection and Its
Application to
Registration of
Ultrasound Images
Zhe Wendy Wang, Greg
Slabaugh, Gozde Unal,
Tong Fang
Abstract—Medical ultrasound image registration
is an essential component in an increasing number
of applications and has therefore been the subject
of many studies in the literature These ...
Journal PaperIJICS - The International
Journal of Intelligent
Control and Systems
DetailsAn Information-Theoretic
Detector Based Scheme for
Registration of Speckled
Medical Images
Zhe Wang, Greg Slabaugh,
Gozde Unal, Mengchu Zhou,
Tong Fang
Several studies dealt with medical ultrasound registration
Their similarity metrics relied on pixel to pixel
intensity comparisons Hence they are not well
suited to the case of speckled images
Conference Paper International Conference
on Systems, Man, and
Cybernetics (SMC)
DetailsRegistration of
Ultrasound Images using
an Information-Theoretic
Feature Detector
Zhe Wang, Greg Slabaugh,
Gozde Unal, Tong Fang
In this paper we present a new method for ultrasound
image registration For each image to be registered
our method first applies an ultrasound specific
information theoretic feature detector ...
Conference PaperIEEE International
Symposium on Biomedical
Imaging (ISBI)
DetailsCapturing Subtle Facial
Motions in 3D Face
Zhen Wen, Thomas S. HuangFacial motions produce not only facial feature points
motions but also subtle appearance changes such
as wrinkles and shading changes These subtle changes
are important yet difficult issues for ...
Conference PaperNinth IEEE International
Conference on Computer
DetailsOrdinal Palmprint
Represention for Personal
Zhenan Sun, Tieniu Tan,
Yunhong Wang and Stan Z.
Palmprint based personal identification as a new
member in the biometrics family has become an active
research topic in recent years Although great progress
has been made how to represent ...
Conference PaperIEEE International
Conference on Computer
Vision and Pattern
DetailsA Flexible New Technique
for Camera Calibration
Zhengyou Zhang  Technical Report
MSR-TR-98-71 Microsoft
DetailsAn Efficient Message
Passing Algorithm for
Multi-Target Tracking
Zhexu (Michael) Chen, Lei
Chen, Müjdat Çetin,
Alan S. Willsky
Abstract – We propose a new approach for multi
sensor multi target tracking by constructing statistical
models on graphs with continuous valued nodes for
target states and discrete valued nodes
Conference PaperInternational Conference
on Information Fusion,
Seattle, Washington, USA,
July 2009
DetailsPIMs and Invariant Parts
for Shape Recognition
Zhibin Lei, Tolga
Tasdizen, David B. Cooper
DetailsClosed-form Object Pose
Estimation using
Algebraic Curve and
Surface Representation
Zhibin Leiy, Hakan Çivi Paper  
DetailsVISATRAM: A real-time
vision system for
automatic traffic
Zhigang Zhu, Guangyou Xu,
Bo Yang, Dingji Shi,
Xueyin Lin
 Journal PaperImage and Vision
Computing Journal, 1996
IEEE Workshop on
Application of Computer
DetailsVISATRAM: A real-time
vision system for
automatic traffic
Zhigang Zhu, Guangyou Xu,
Bo Yang, Dingji Shi,
Xueyin Lin
 PaperImage and Vision
Details3D Face Pose Tracking
From an Uncalibrated
Monocular Camera
Zhiwei Zhu, Qiang JiWe propose a new near real time technique for 3D
face pose tracking from a monocular image sequence
obtained from an uncalibrated camera The basic
idea behind our approach is that instead of ...
Journal PaperIEEE2004
DetailsCombining Kalman
Filtering and Mean Shift
for Real Time Eye
Tracking Under Active IR
Zhiwei Zhu, Qiang Ji,
Kikuo Fujimura, Kuangchih
Most eye trackers based on active IR illumination
require distinctive bright pupil effect to work
well In this paper we present a new real time
eye tracking methodology that works under variable
Conference Paper16th International
Conference on Pattern
Recognition, 2002
DetailsReal-Time Eye Detection
and Tracking Under
Various Light Conditions
Zhiwei Zhu,Kikuo
Fujimura,Qiang Ji
Zhu Liu and Yao Wang Paper  
DetailsThe EM Algorithm for
Mixtures of Factor
Zoubin Ghahramani
Geo rey E. Hinton
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