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DetailsTriangulations in CAGDLarry L. Schumaker JournalIEEE 
DetailsTranslation, Scale, and
Deformation Weighted
Polar Active Contours
Maximilian Baust, Anthony
Yezzi, Gozde Unal, Nassir
Polar active contours have proven to be a powerful
segmentation method for many medical as well as
other computer vision applications such as interactive
image segmentation or tracking Inspired
Journal PaperJournal of Mathematical
Imaging and Vision
DetailsTransform Domain LMSJanne Lehtomäki Presentation  
DetailsTraining Set Reduction
Methods for Protein
Secondary Structure
Prediction in
Single-Sequence Condition
Zafer Aydin, Yucel
Altunbasak, Isa Kemal
Pakatci, Hakan Erdogan
Orphan proteins are characterized by the lack of
significant sequence similarity to database proteins
To infer the functional properties of the orphans
more elaborate techniques that utilize ...
Conference PaperProc. of the 29th Annual
International Conference
of the IEEE EMBS
DetailsTraining Convolutional
filters for robust face
Manolis Delakis,
Christophe Garcia
DetailsTracking with Reference
Images: A Real-Time and
Markerless Tracking
Solution for Out-Door
Augmented Reality
Didier Stricker Paper  
DetailsTracking with Non-Linear
Dynamic Models
N/A ChapterN/A 
DetailsTracking of Multiple
Faces for Human-Computer
Interfaces and Virtual
Fu Jie Huang, Tsuhan Chen Paper  
Christopher K. Eveland,
Diego A. Socolinsky,
Lawrence B. Wolff
DetailsTracking FacesStephen McKenna,
Shaogang Gong
 Journal1996 IEEE. Published in
the Proceedings
of the 2nd International
Conference on Automatic
Face and Gesture
Recognition, October 14-
16, 1996, Killington,
DetailsTracking and Modeling
Focus of Attention
in Meetings
Rainer Stiefelhagen Thesis  
DetailsTracking and Modeling
Focus of Attention
in Meetings
Rainer Stiefelhagen Thesis  
DetailsTowards Unrestricted Lip
Uwe Meier, Rainer
Stiefelhagen, Jie Yang,
Alex Waibel
 Conference PaperIJPRAI 
DetailsTowards Digital Music
Performance for Mobile
Devices Based on Magnetic
Kamer Ali Yüksel, Hamed
Ketabdar, Mehran
Abstract— Digital music performance require
high degree of interaction using natural intuitive
input controllers that provide fast feedback on
user’s action One of the primary ...
Conference PaperIEEE International
Symposium on Haptic Audio
Visual Environments and
Games, Arizona State
University, USA, October
16-17, 2010
DetailsTowards Automated
Classifier Combination
for Pattern Recognition
Alper Baykut, Aytül
This study covers weighted combination methodologies
for multiple classifiers to improve classification
accuracy The classifiers are extended to produce
class probability estimates besides their ...
Book ChapterMultiple Classifier
Systems, Springer Verlag,
2003, T. Wideatt, Fabio
Roli (eds.) p. 94-105
Detailstoward a model-based
bayesian theory for
estimating and
recognizing parameterized
3-D objects using two or
more images taken from
different positions
bruno cernuschi-frias,
david b. Cooper, yi-ping
hung, peter n. Belhumeur
A parametric modeling and statistical estimation
approach is proposed and simulation data are shown
for estimating 3 D object surfaces from images taken
by calibrated cameras in two positions The ...
JournalIEEE transactions on
pattern analysis and
machine intelligence
DetailsTopology Matching for
Fully Automatic
Similarity Estimation of
3D Shapes
Masaki Hilaga, Yoshihisa
Shinagawa, Taku Kohmura,
Tosiyasu L. Kunii
There is a growing need to be able to accurately
and efficiently search visual data sets and in
particular 3D shape data sets This paper proposes
a novel technique called Topology Matching in
Journal PaperACM SIGGRAPH2001
DetailsTMS320C62xx Applicationsmin wang Chapter  
DetailsTime-dependent HMMs for
visual intrusion
Vera M. Kettnaker Paper  
DetailsThreshold Modulation
and Stability in
Error Diffusion
Reiner Eschbach, Zhigang
Keith T. Knox, and
Gabriel Marcu
scanning of specular and
diffuse metallic surfaces
using an infrared
Alban Bajard, Olivier
Aubreton, Youssef
Bokhabrine, Benjamin
Verney, Gonen Eren, Aytul
Ercil, Frederic Truchetet
Abstract For the past two decades the need for
three dimensional (3 D) scanning of industrial objects
has increased significantly and many experimental
techniques and commercial solutions have ...
Journal PaperOptical Engineering 2012
- Opt. Eng. 51, 063603
Reconstruction of Fire
from Images
Samuel William HasinoffInteresting visual simulations have been proposed
for physical phenomena such as fire and smoke
but scant attention has been paid to reconstructing
models of these phenomena from multiple ...
Detailsthree dimensional
locating of industrial
r.c. Bolles Journalrobot sensors 
Detailsthe use of markov random
fields in estimating and
recognizing objects in 3D
david B. Cooper jayashree
subrahmonia, ti-ping hung
and bruno cernuschi-frias
 Journalmarkov random fields 
DetailsThe use of active shape
models for locating
structures in medical
T. F. Cootes, A. Hill, C.
J. Taylor, and J. Haslam
This paper describes a technique for building compact
models of the shape and appearance of flexible objects
(such as organs) seen in 2 D images The models
are derived from the statis tics of ...
ProceedingInformation Processing
for Medical Imaging
Detailsthe self-organizing mapteuvo kohonenThe self organized map an architecture suggested
for artificial neural networks is explained by
presenting simulation experiments and practical
applications The self organizing map has the ...
Journalproceedings of the IEEE 
Detailsthe representation space
paradigm of concurrent
evolving object
aaron f. Bobick, robert
c. Bolles
A representation paradigm for instantiating and
refining multiple concurrent descriptions of an
object from a sequence of imagery is presented
It is designed for the perception system of an ...
JournalIEEE transactions on
pattern analysis and
machine intelligence
DetailsThe relevance vector
machine technique for
channel equalization
Sheng Chen, Steve R Gunn,
C.J. Harris
The recently introduced relevance vector machine
(RVM) technique is applied to communication channel
equalization It is demonstrated that the RVM equalizer
can closely match the optimal ...
Journal PaperIEEE Transactions on
Neural Networks
DetailsThe Relevance Vector
M. E. TippingThe support vector machine (SVM) is a state of the
art technique for regression and classification
combining excellent generalisation properties with
a sparse kernel representation However it ...
Conference PaperAdvances in Neural
Information Processing
Systems 12
DetailsThe Production and
Recognition of Emotions
in Speech: Features and
Oudeyer Pierre-Yves Paper  
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