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DetailsFacial Expression
Y. Tian, T. Kanade, and
J. Cohn
 ChapterHandbook of face
DetailsFacial Expression
Hongcheng Wang, Narendra
In this paper we propose a novel approach for facial
expression decomposition Higher Order Singular
Value Decomposition (HOSVD) a natural generalization
of matrix SVD We learn the ...
Conference PaperICCV 20032003
DetailsFacial Expression
Cemre ZorFace expression analysis and recognition has been
one of the fast developing areas due to its wide
range of application areas such as emotion
analysis biometrics image retrieval and
Thesis 2008
DetailsFacial Expression
Recognition from Video
Sequences: Temporal and
Static Modelling
Ira Cohen, Nicu Sebe,
Larry Chen, Ashutosh
Garg, Thomas S. Huang
Human computer intelligent interaction (HCII) is
an emerging field of science aimed at providing
natural ways for humans to use computers as aids
It is argued that for the computer to be able
Journal PaperComputer Vision and Image
DetailsFacial Expression
Recognition using a
Dynamic Model and Motion
Irfan A. Essa and Alex P.
Previous efforts at facial expression recognition
have been based on the Facial Action Coding System
(FACS) a representation developed in order to allow
human psychologists to code expression ...
Conference PaperInternational Conference
on Computer Vision '95
DetailsFacial expression
recognition: A
clustering-based approach
Xue-wen Chen, Thomas
This paper describes a new clustering based feature
extraction method for facial expression recognition
We demonstrate the effectiveness of this method
and compare it with commonly used ...
Journal PaperPattern Recognition
DetailsFacial Feature Point
Tracking based on a
Graphical Model Framework
Serhan CosarIn this thesis a facial feature point tracker that
can be used in applications such as human computer
interfaces facial expression analysis systems
driver fatigue detection systems etc is ...
ThesisSabanci University
Research Database
DetailsFacial Surface
Acquisition with Colour
C. Beumier Conference PaperICANN/ICONIP 2003 
Detailsfactors affecting
ultrasonic flow
humphrey l. Spoor,
sliedrecht, netherlands
The operating principle of ultrasonic flowmeters
utilises one or more flow intersecting control "lines"
instead of a control volume enclosing the entire
cross section of the pipe as a result ...
DetailsFactors that affect
performance in EEG based
brain-computer interfaces
Argunşah, Ali Özgür
and Çürüklü, Ali
Baran and Çetin, Müjdat
and Erçil, Aytül
In this paper some of the factors that affect classification
performance of EEG based Brain Computer Interfaces
(BCI) is studied Study is specified on P300 speller
system which is also an EEG ...
Conference PaperSIU2007 - Signal
Processing and
Applications, 2007. SIU
2007. IEEE 15th
DetailsFast Algorithms for
Smooth and Monotone
Covariance Matrix
Aycan Adrian CorumIn this thesis the problem of interest is within
the setting of financial risk man agement covariance
matrix estimation from limited number of high dimensional
independent identically ...
Thesis 2012
DetailsFast Digital Image
Manuel M. Oliveira, Brian
Bowen, Richard McKenna,
Yu-Sung Chang
Reconstruction of missing or damaged portions of
images is an ancient practice used extensively in
artwork restoration Recently a few digital inpainting
models based on the use of partial ...
DetailsFast genetic selection of
features for neural
network classifiers
Frank Z. Brill, Donald E.
Brown, and Worthy N.
The authors describe experiments using a genetic
algorithm for feature selection in the context of
neural network classifiers specifically counterpropagation
networks They present the novel ...
JournalIEEE transactions on
neural Networks
DetailsFast Incorporation of
Optical Flow Into Active
Gozde Unal, Hamid Krim,
Anthony Yezzi
In this paper we first reconsider in a different
light the addition of a prediction step to active
contour based visual tracking using an optical flow
and clarify the local computation of the ...
Journal PaperIEEE Transactions on
Image Processing
DetailsFast MAP-based multiframe
super-resolution image
Di Zhang,Huifang Li,
Minghui Du
An image usually contains a number of different
features and regions Many image related applications
such as content based image retrieval and MRI based
diagnosis often require the ability to ...
Journal PaperImage and Vision
DetailsFast marginal likelihood
maximisation for sparse
Bayesian models
Michael E. Tipping, Anita
The `sparse Bayesian' modelling approach as exemplified
by the `relevance vector machine' enables sparse
classification and regression functions to be obtained
by linearly weighting a small ...
Conference PaperProceedings of the Ninth
International Workshop on
Artificial Intelligence
and Statistics
Detailsfast surface
interpolation using
multiresolution wavelet
ming-haw yaou and
wen-thong chang
Discrete formulation of the surface interpolation
problem usually leads to a large sparse linear equation
system Due to the poor convergence condition of
the equation system the convergence rate
JournalIEEE transactions on
pattern analysis and
machine intelligence
DetailsFast, robust and
efficient 2D pattern
recognition for
re-assembling fragmented
Massimo Fornasier,
Domenico Toniolo
We discuss the realization of a fast robust and
accurate pattern matching algorithm for comparison
of digital images implemented by discrete Circular
Harmonic expansions based on sampling theory
Journal PaperPattern Recognition2005
DetailsFatigue, sleep
restriction and driving
Pierre Philip, Patricia
Sagaspe, Nicholas Moore,
Jacques Taillard, Andre
Charles, Christian
Guilleminault, Bernard
We ran a randomized cross over design study under
sleep deprived and non sleep deprived driving conditions
to test the effects of sleep restriction on real
driving performance The studywas ...
Journal PaperAccident Analysis and
DetailsFeature Article:
Visualizing Frequency
Distributions of Ranked
Georgia Thompson JournalStatistical Computing and
Statistical Graphics
DetailsFeature compression: A
framework for multi-view
multi-person tracking in
visual sensor networks
Serhan Cosar, Müjdat
Visual sensor networks (VSNs) consist of image sensors
embedded processors and wireless transceivers which
are powered by batteries Since the energy and bandwidth
resources are limited setting
Journal Paper Journal of Visual
Communication and Image
Representation, vol. 25,
no. 5, pp. 864-873, July
DetailsFeature Enhancement and
ATR Performance using
Optimization-based SAR
Müjdat Çetin, W. Clem
Karl, and David A.
We present an evaluation of the impact of a recently
proposed synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging
technique on feature enhancement and automatic target
recognition (ATR) performance This image ...
Journal PaperIEEE Trans. Aerospace and
Electronic Systems
DetailsFeature Extraction and
Fusion Techniques for
Patch-Based face
Berkay TopcuFace recognition is one of the most addressed pattern
recognition problems in recent studies due to its
importance in security applications and human computer
interfaces After decades of research
Thesis 2009
DetailsFeature Extraction for
Handwritten Character
Khue-Hiang Chan, Geok-See
Ng and Sevki S. Erdogan
DetailsFeature extraction from
faces using deformable
Alan L. Yuille, David S.
Cohen and Peter W.
We propose a method for detecting and describing
features of faces using deformable templates The
feature of interest an eye for example is described
by a parameterized template An energy ...
Journal PaperInternational Journal of
Computer Vision
DetailsFeature Extraction
Methods for Character
Recognition - A Survey
Quivind Due Trier, Anil
K. Jain, Torfinn Taxt
Detailsfeature recognition from
CAD models
JungHyun Han, Aristides
A.G. Requicha
IF2 (Integrated Incremental Feature Finder) handles
arbitrary spatial intersections between features
such as holes and slots As a design evolves IF2
incrementally updates features
ArticleIEEE feature article 
DetailsFeature Scaling in
Support Vector Data
David M.J. Tax, Robert
P.W. Duin
In previous research the Support Vector Data Description
is proposed to solve the problem of One Class classification
In One Class classification one set of data called
the target set has to be ...
DetailsFeature Selection:
Evaluation, Application,
and Small Sample
Anil Jain and Douglas
NO. 2, FEBRUARY 1997
DetailsFeature subset selection
using a new de?nition
of classi?ability
Ming Dong, Ravi Kothari PaperPattern Recognition
Letters 24 (2003)
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