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titlea multiscale algorithm for image segmentation by variational method
authorsg. Koepfler, c. Lopez, j. M. Morel
keywordsvariational methods, nonnumerical algorithm, image processing, texture discrimination
abstractMost segmentation algorithms are composed of several procedures: split and merge, small region elimination, boundary smoothing,..., each depending on several parameters. The introduction of an energy to minimize leads to a drastic reduction of these parameters. The authors prove that the most simple segmentation tool, the “region merging” algorithm, made according to the simplest energy, is enough to compute a local energy minimum belonging to a compact class and to achieve the job of most of the tools mentioned above. The authors explain why “merging” in a variational framework leads to a fast multiscale, multichannel algorithm, with a pyramidal structure. The obtained algorithm is $O(n\ln n)$, where $n$ is the number of pixels of the picture. This fast algorithm is applied to make grey level and texture segmentation and experimental results are shown.
journalsociety for industrial and applied mathematics
published year
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