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titlePhotobook: Content-Based Manipulation of Image Databases
authorsA. Pentland, R. W. Picard, S. Sclaroff
keywordsPhotobook, content-based image retrieval, semantics-preserving image compression,
abstractWe describe the Photobook system, which is a set of interactive tools for browsing and searching images and image sequences. These query tools differ from those used in standard image databases in that they make direct use of the image content rather than relying on text annotations. Direct search on image content is made possible by use of semantics-preserving image compression, which reduces images to a small set of perceptually-significant coefficients. We describe three types of Photobook descriptions in detail: one that allows search based on appearance, one that uses 2-D shape, and a third that allows search based on textural properties. These image content descriptions can be combined with each other and with text-based descriptions to provide a sophisticated browsing and search capability. In this paper we demonstrate Photobook on databases containing images of people, video keyframes, hand tools, fish, texture swatches, and 3-D medical data.
typeTechnical Report
journalM.I.T. Media laboratory perceptual computing technical report / SPIE Storage and retrieval Image and Video Databases / International Journal of Computer Vision
published year
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