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titleA 3D Scanner for Transparent Glass
authorsGonen Eren, Olivier Aubreton, Fabrice Meriaudeau, L.A. Sanchez Secades, David Fo , A. Teoman Naskali, Frederic Truchetet, Aytul Ercil
keywordsInfrared imaging, Three-dimensional image processing, Carbon dioxide laser, Glass
abstractMany practical tasks in industry, such as automatic inspection or robot vision, often require the scanning of three-dimensional shapes by use of non-contact techniques. However, few methods have been proposed to measure three-dimensional shapes of transparent objects because of the difficulty of dealing with transparency and specularity of the surface. This paper presents a 3D scanner for transparent glass objects based on Scanning From Heating (SFH), a new method that makes use of local surface heating and thermal imaging.
typeConference Paper
journalICIAP 2009
published year2009
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