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titleAn Industry-Academia Partnership on Analysis, Indexing and Retrieval of MR Images to Unravel Brain Iron Deposition in Basal Ganglia
authorsDevrim Unay
keywordsiron, basal ganglia, MR
abstractIron promotes important metabolic processes in the brain, and its deficiency or excess results in central nervous system disorders such as Alzheimer disease. Unfortunately, little is currently known about the mechanisms of iron storage and excretion within the central nervous system. To answer these questions, a powerful industry-academia partnership is formed under the Marie Curie Action of FP6 with the project entitled “MR-based Analysis, Indexing, and Retrieval of Brain Iron Deposition in Basal Ganglia (IRonDB)”. The project aims to provide insight into brain iron deposition through analysis, indexing and retrieval of MR images, and to develop long-lasting collaboration between industry and academia. Consequently, IRonDB is a collaborative effort between Philips Research (Netherlands) and Sabanci University (Turkey). IRonDB is a 70-man-month project started in October 2006 and it funds two experienced researchers working on complementary problems: indexing and retrieval of MR images, and segmentation of brain structures. Moreover, it facilitates transfer-of-knowledge between industry and academia via exchange of researchers. Scientific medical projects require involvement of clinical partners who provide data as well as user insights and needs. Accordingly, the IRonDB partners maintain close cooperation with medical centers for collecting data under the expertise of qualified physicians, as well as formulating problems-of-interest and acquiring medical insight. As a result, the project members translate these specifications into programmable frameworks and implement solutions around the user needs. Thanks to its strong industry-academia partnership and close cooperation with medical centers, IRonDB is a well-positioned project aiming for image-based analysis of brain iron deposition.
typeConference Paper
journalProc. of EuroScience Open Forum – Marie Curie Action (ESOF-MC), Barcelona – Spain, 2008
published year2008
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