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titleA Novel Algorithm for the Coordination of Multiple Mobile Robots
authorsN. Gulec, M. Unel
keywordsautonomous mobile robot, trajectory, collision
abstractThe coordinated motion of a group of autonomous mobile robots performing a coordinated task has been of high interest in the last decade. Previous research has shown that one of the main problems in the area is to avoid collisions of the robots with obstacles and other members of the group. In this work, we develop a novel coordination scheme along with a new online collision avoidance algorithm. In the proposed algorithm, reference trajectories for a group of autonomous mobile robots are generated in terms of linear and angular velocities of the robots. Several coordinated tasks have been presented and the results are veriļ¬ed by simulations.
typeLecture Notes
journalLecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS-3733)
published year2005
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