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titleA New Affine Invariant Curve Normalization Technique Using Independent Component Analysis
authorsS. Sener, M. Unel
keywordsaffine invariant, curve normalization, ICA, PCA,
abstractA new affine invariant curve normalization method using Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is presented. First, Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is used for translation, scale and shear normalization. ICA and the third order moments are then employed for rotation and reflection normalization. It is shown that all affine transformed versions of an object have a unique or canonical representation. Experiments are conducted to asses the robustness of our approach. Proposed normalization technique can be used as a pre-processing for object modelling and recognition.
typeConference Paper
journalProceedings of the 18th International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2006)
published year2006
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