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titleA statistical tomographic approach to synthetic aperture radar image reconstruction
authorsMüjdat Çetin and W. Clem Karl
keywordsSAR, Radar, Radar imaging, spotlight-mode, MAP, CAT,
abstractWe formulate the spotlight-mode synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging problem as a maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimation problem. Our statistical perspective offers an alternative to standard SAR processing techniques by incorporating prior knowledge about either the data quality or the underlying reflectivity function. In our formulation we consider exploiting the similarity between computer assisted tomography (CAT) and spotlight-mode SAR, which was first exposed by Munson et al. [1]. We present the effectiveness of the proposed approach by imagery formed from simulated spotlight-mode SAR data.
typeConference Paper
journalICIP97 - IEEE International Conference on Image Processing
published year1997
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