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titleElectromagnetic Power Absorption in Curved Biological Tissues
authorsA. Shtrom, D. F. Soldea, and P. D. Einziger
keywordsPower Absorption, Biological Tissues, Mobile, cellular
abstractCoupled closely to highly absorbing tissues, a source of electromagnetic radiation, such as cellular or hyperthermia antenna, can be greatly affected by the curvature of the absorbing surface. Herein, our previous TE excitation models are extended as to incorporate the TM case, combining an effective and relatively simple procedure for obtaining closed-form corrections for the main power relations involved in the presence of curved-surface absorbing tissues. The derivation is introduced by considering two-dimensional prototype models of surface and line magnetic-type sources radiating in the presence of a half-space and an infinite circular cylinder. The power absorption efficiencies of the cylindrical model are shown to be tightly bounded, both from below and above, by those of the half-space (planar) models.
typeConference Paper
journalThe 4th International Workshop on Biological Effects of Electromagnetics Fields
published year2006
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