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titleA Local binary patterns and shape priors based texture segmentation method (in Turkish)
authorsTekeli, Erkin and Çetin, Müjdat and Erçil, Aytül
abstracttitle: Yerel Ikili Oruntu ve Onsel Sekil Bilgisi Tabanli Bir Desen Bolutleme Metodu (A Local Binary Patterns and Shape Priors based Texture Segmentation Method)
We propose a shape and data driven texture segmentation method using local binary patterns (LBP) and active contours. In particular, we pass textured images through a new LBP-based filter, which produces non-textured images. In this “filtered” domain each textured region of the original image exhibits a characteristic intensity distribution. In this domain we pose the segmentation problem as an optimization problem in a Bayesian framework. The cost functional contains a data-driven term, as well as a term that brings in information about the shapes of the objects to be segmented. We solve the optimization problem using level set-based active contours. Our experimental results on synthetic and real textures demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach in segmenting challenging textures as well as its robustness to missing data and occlusions.
typeConference Paper
journalSIU2007 - Signal Processing and Communications Applications, 2007. SIU 2007. IEEE 15th
published year2007
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