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titleAn Information-Theoretic Detector Based Scheme for Registration of Speckled Medical Images
authorsZhe Wang, Greg Slabaugh, Gozde Unal, Mengchu Zhou, Tong Fang
abstractSeveral studies dealt with medical ultrasound registration. Their similarity metrics relied on pixel-to-pixel intensity comparisons. Hence, they are not well suited to the case of speckled images. To better handle the speckle noise, our previous work proposed an information-theoretic feature detector-based registration approach. This work aims to extend it to the cases where the image speckle model is Rayleigh or normalized Fisher-Tippett distributed. Using speckle modeling based on these distributions, a speckle-specific informationtheoretic feature detector is constructed and applied to provide feature images. Those feature images are then registered using differential equations, the solution of which provides a transformation to bring the images into alignment. Compared to standard gradient-based techniques, the experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our method, particularly for low contrast ultrasound images.
typeConference Paper
journal International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC)
published year2007
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