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titleA Minutiae-based Fingerprint Individuality Model
authorsJiansheng Chen, Yiu-Sang Moon
keywordsbiometrics, fingerprint, individuality
abstractFingerprint individuality study deals with the crucial
problem of the discriminative power of fingerprints for
recognizing people. In this paper, we present a novel
fingerprint individuality model based on minutiae, the most
commonly used fingerprint feature. The probability of the
false correspondence among fingerprints from different
fingers is calculated by combining the distinctiveness of the
spatial locations and directions of the minutiae. To validate
our model, experiments were performed using different
fingerprint databases. The matching score distribution
predicted by our model actually fits the observed
experimental results satisfactorily. Comparing to most
previous fingerprint individuality models, our model makes
more reasonably conservative estimate of the fingerprint
discriminative power, making it a powerful tool for
studying the fingerprint individuality as well as the
performance evaluation of fingerprint verification systems.
typeConference Paper
published year2007
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