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titleA Fast Algorithm for Vision-based Hand Gesture Recognition for Robot Control
authorsAsanterabi Malima, Erol Ozgur, and Müjdat Çetin
abstractWe propose a fast algorithm for automatically
recognizing a limited set of gestures from hand images for
a robot control application. Hand gesture recognition is a
challenging problem in its general form. We consider a
fixed set of manual commands and a reasonably structured
environment, and develop a simple, yet effective,
procedure for gesture recognition. Our approach contains
steps for segmenting the hand region, locating the fingers,
and finally classifying the gesture. The algorithm is
invariant to translation, rotation, and scale of the hand.
We demonstrate the effectiveness of the technique on real
typeConference Paper
journalSIU2006 - IEEE Conference on Signal Processing and Communications Applications 2006
published year2006
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