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titleAn EEG Based cursor control system
authorsCheng Ming, Gao Shangka
keywordsEEG, BCI, Cursor Control, Evoked Potential, SSVEP, Visual Evoked Potential
abstractAbstrac€--?his paper describes an exprbnen!al brainamputer
interke (BCI) which allows the severely disabled persons to move
the cursor on the screen. The system is based on the detecting of
steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP). Four rectangular
blocks around the cursor indicate four directions and flash at
d i k n t fiesuencies on the screen. Once the subject ktes on one
of the blocks, the specific S S W is obtained. SSVEP signal is
processed online to determine which block the eyes are focuSing. As
a feedback, the c m r can be moved in comqonding directions.
Preliminary results are presented and evaluated in the papz
Keywords: braincomputer intehce, visual evoked potential
typeConference Paper
journalProceedings of the first joint BMES/EMBS Conference serving humanity, Advencing Technology, IEEE
published year1999
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