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titleAutomatic Recognition of Eye Blinking in Spontaneously Occurring Behavior
authorsCohn JF, Xiao J, Moriyama T, Ambadar Z, Kanade T.
keywordsEye Blinking, facial expression recognition, facial action, facial behavior, 3D, three-dimensional motion parameters
abstractPrevious research in automatic facial expression recognition has been limited to recognition of gross expression categories (e.g., joy or anger) in posed facial behavior under well-controlled conditions (e.g., frontal pose and minimal out-of-plane head motion). We have developed a system that detects a discrete and important facial action (e.g., eye blinking) in spontaneously occurring facial behavior that has been measured with a nonfrontal pose, moderate out-of-plane head motion, and occlusion. The system recovers three-dimensional motion parameters, stabilizes facial regions, extracts motion and appearance information, and recognizes discrete facial actions in spontaneous facial behavior. We tested the system in video data from a two-person interview. The 10 subjects were ethnically diverse, action units occurred during speech, and out-of-plane motion and occlusion from head motion and glasses were common. The video data were originally collected to answer substantive questions in psychology and represent a substantial challenge to automated action unit recognition. In analysis of blinks, the system achieved 98% accuracy.
typeConference Paper
published year2003
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