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titleA 3D Model Alignment and Retrieval System
authorsDing-Yun Chen, Ming Ouhyoung
keywordsobject recognition, 3d
abstractTechniques for 3D model alignment and retrieval are proposed in this paper. Since the techniques of 3D modeling and digitizing tools are in great demand, the expectations of 3D
models alignment and retrieval are increasingly. We propose an algorithm for 3D model alignment, which gets the affine transformation between two 3D models. The main idea of our
3D alignment algorithm in rotation is to search the similarity of projected 2D shapes from each viewing angle between two models. Then, we apply the technique to match two 3D models after recovering the affine transformation. Our
database has more than 10,000 3D models, and a query interface of drawing is easy to use to retrieval 3D models from 2D shapes.
published year
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