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titlevolumetric segmentation of range images of 3D objects using superquadric models
authorsalok gupta and ruzena bajcsy
abstractThe problem of part definition, description, and decomposition is central to the shape recognition systems. We present a geometric model-driven framework for segmenting dense range data of complex 3D objects into their constituent parts in terms of surface (biquadrics) and volumetric (superquadrics) primitives, without a priori domain knowledge or stored models. Surface segmentation uses a novel local-to-global iterative regression approach of searching for the best piecewise biquadric description of the data. The region adjacency information, surface discontinuities, and global shape properties are extracted from biquadrics to guide the volumetric segmentation. Superquadric models are recovered by a global-to-local residual-driven procedure, which recursively segments the scene to derive the part-structure. A set of acceptance criteria provide the objective evaluation of intermediate descriptions and decide whether to terminate the procedure, or selectively refine the segmentation. The control module generates hypotheses about superquadric models at clusters of underestimated data and performs controlled extrapolation of part-models by shrinking the global model. Results are presented for real range images of varying complexity, including objects with occluding parts, and scenes where surface segmentation is not sufficient to guide the volumetric segmentation.
journalImage understanding
published year1993
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